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The Business Results service is for those facing any type of planning, organisation, management or process challenge:

Windsor Consulting - Business Results
Windsor Consulting - tick from the highest corporate strategy to the most detailed operational arrangements.
Windsor Consulting - tick for internal issues and/or those involving external organisations.
Windsor Consulting - tick at departmental, corporate, national and international level.
It has worked for the largest international businesses and the smallest local organisations. In most market sectors and in local and central government, in the UK, Europe and around the world.

It has been successful for a range of business scenarios including:

Accounting processes and systems                           Objectives setting
Asset management Organisational change
Bid management Procedure design
Brainstorming sessions Process improvement
Budget planning Procurement
Change management Product development
Corporate strategy Producing an ITT
Departmental strategy Project prioritisation
Departmental strategy Project prioritisation
Developing partnerships Public consultation
Dispute resolution Risk assessment
Executive retreats Sales and marketing
Feasibility studies Strategic planning
Financial planning Studies and reviews
Globalisation planning Supply chain management
Human resource planning Systems requirements
Management meetings Systems acceptance test planning
Mergers and acquisitions Training and development plans

It can help you. No challenge is too great.

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