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Whatever your conference theme, it will involve a group of individuals with common interests or goals. Lectures tend to dominate so they are great if you are speaker! You'll probably have a Q & A session but often panellists dominate, so conferences can be very frustrating for attendees because they do not get enough opportunity to debate and contribute to proceedings.

Workshop / discussion streams go some way to resolving this but delegates then have to choose between subjects. And what happens when the topics they want to discuss are not even on the list?

Wouldn't it be great if you could have extensive, in depth, creative and constructive discussions with your delegates? You could find out what they really think and expect. And not just majority views but significant minority opinions as well. What if you could capture all that information online and garner immediate feedback on emerging trends and themes.

Now you can with our unique "Results Forum" service.

Our approach adds real attendee value to your conference and generates ideas for follow up meetings. It slots into your agenda to transform your event into a great opportunity to gather information, views and ideas etc., and learn from the audience. We provide a change of pace and focus from a struggle to stay awake through another long PowerPoint presentation. Topics and issues for discussion can be set by the organisers or by the delegates and so address the things that really concern them.

The duration can be a single session of an hour or two, a number of sessions spread though a conference, half a day, or even a whole day.

We can handle anything from 50 to 5,000 people, all in one room at the same time!

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