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Developing Partnerships

In these days of supply chain management, JIT, outsourcing et al you increasing rely on suppliers and other partner organisations for product/service delivery. Your ability to satisfy your customers therefore depends on the performance of these third parties.

How well do these relationships work? Do arrangements facilitate success or are they a bureaucratic nightmare? How easy is it to react to change? Do you share the same goals or do conflicting priorities get in the way?

Your partners probably rely on similar arrangements with other organisations. Do you even know who those people are? How much influence do you have over them?

How do you monitor performance and seek improvements? Maybe you get some simple feedback or conduct the odd survey. But that is only scratching the surface.

Maybe the whole process needs review, perhaps you have specific issues with one or a group of partners.

Wouldn't it be great if your team could have in depth, focussed, creative and constructive discussions with your partners' staff? Think how much experience is locked up in their minds. Who better to advise on opportunities and priorities for improvement, streamlining and enhancement? And not just majority views but significant minority opinions as well. What if you could capture all that information online and garner immediate feedback on emerging trends and themes. Things could really begin to fly.

Now you can with our unique "Results Forum" service. Anything from a couple of hours to a whole day or more. Any number of people from 50 to 5,000, all at one time (and they don't have to be in the same location)!

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