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Incidents and emergencies arise for a variety of reasons like natural disasters (e.g. floods and landslides), accidents (e.g. chemical spills and fires), terrorist acts (e.g. 9/11), or other events like a hostile takeover bid or complete loss of all IT support.

The Emergency Results service enables you flexibility to manage major incidents and emergencies to a fast and effective resolution with the minimum possible disruption to business operations, the environment and the public.

It helps you:

Windsor Consulting - tick Understand the nature and impact of the incident(s) and the response required.
Windsor Consulting - tick Set up a command, control, communication and information centre (C3i) to manage the emergency to resolution. Alternatively you may just need an information routing centre.
Windsor Consulting - tick Identify all those inside and outside your organisation who must be involved and their roles and responsibilities. You may need to include family members, customers, suppliers and shareholders.
Windsor Consulting - tick Organise and implement Event Management procedures for example monitoring business activity over the incident period, detecting problems, resolving issues, implementing contingency plans, allocating resources, setting priorities and deciding when to resume normal business.
Windsor Consulting - tick Mobilise everyone to achieve a timely and effective resolution of the crisis and a return to "business as usual".
Windsor Consulting - tick Facilitate the flow of accurate information between all parties.
Windsor Consulting - tick Monitor progress and prioritise tasks.

It can also be used to produce a business continuity/contingency plan or emergency plan that sets out how your business will survive possible incidents and organise all the above.

It could be your life saver. No challenge is too great.

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