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Facilitated workshops are new but well proven and extremely effective approaches for completing urgent, complex or difficult projects and assignments quickly and effectively.

They can transform the quality of business input to systems development and make a huge difference in a wide range of other situations.

This free seminar will help you understand how facilitated workshops work and the benefits they can deliver.

Who Should Attend: Any business or technical manager with project or assignment responsibilities who faces a difficult challenge!

Topics Covered: What are Facilitated Workshops?
When can I use them?
What benefits will they bring to me as a manager?
How are typical events organised?
What are the implications for other project activities?
How can I avoid the pitfalls of these techniques?
Who wants to be a facilitator?

Format: General themes are presented and explored in the context of your situation, projects, methods, standards, culture and organisation.

A mixture of presentations, real world examples, discussions and even some exercises to identify uses and benefits for you.

You Will Get:

A good understanding of when and how a facilitated workshop could help you.

A workshop planning and preparation checklist.

A copy of our document: The 'Results' Approach To Facilitated Workshops.

Duration: Two hours for an in-house session for one client. Four hours for a public event.

Venue & Date: Anywhere in your offices to minimise time away from other work, on a date convenient for you.

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