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Our People

We are a family business.

Facilitator: Alfie Windsor (Dad)

Alfie is one of the world's most experienced facilitators. Click for personal summary.
He plans the event with you and facilitates proceedings on the day.
He is the magic ingredient that makes events successful.

Technology Support: Matt Windsor (Son number 1)

Technology is what makes our events so special and allows us to deal effectively with so many attendees.
Matt understands all the clever gizmos and technical stuff.
He sets it all up and makes sure it works perfectly on the day.

Event Support: William Windsor (Son number 2)

Will takes responsibility for organising each event.
Working with you he finds venues and organises everything from the sandwiches to seating.

Production Support

We provide one or two people to provide admin support for the event, particularly producing the report. They work around the clock to ensure everything happens correctly and on time. We choose from a small experienced pool including Matt and William and:

Emma Windsor (Daughter in Law). Emma has worked on some of the largest assignments. She enjoyed it so much she married Matt!

Michael Oliver (Honorary son). Mike has been with us almost since the start and cannot be beaten for speed and accuracy. His sense of humour has kept us going through some long hard nights. When he's not working with us he's a Professor of Economics!

Noise Makers

Four grandchildren in waiting!

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