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Alfie Windsor Alfie has been in IT since 1970 and has developed excellent competencies in a wide variety of subjects ranging from strategy studies to project management and from database design and software procurement to computer audit. His core specialism is business analysis, feasibility studies, requirements definition and reviews. He has worked on and led countless analysis projects of varying sizes and complexities during his career.   He is one of the UK's leading methods experts; one of the two original authors of SSADM he has used most structured methods including DSDM and RUP. He pioneered the use of entity modelling, Codd's normalisation and formal analysis and database design techniques in the UK and Europe. For over 15 years he has focussed on JAD/RAD facilitation based approaches, developing one of the first comprehensive software development methodologies adopted by international organisations including NATO and Eurocontrol. He produced a Project Managers Guide for the SSADM International Users Group on the use of SSADM with JAD/RAD techniques and lectured the DSDM international conference on facilitation skills for business analysts. Few can match the breadth and depth of his methods skills.

He has lived, worked and travelled extensively in the around the world for a wide variety of government, commercial and industrial organisations. He has extensive experience across a range of public sector organisations, particularly Defence.


Alfie has a very special blend of people, business and technology skills, a complete confidence to tackle new challenges, a high level of presentation, communication and inter-personal skills, the ability to undertake difficult and complex assignments and to deal successfully with individuals at all levels from the board room to the factory floor. He is especially able to establish a strong rapport with people by understanding their problems and helping them to identify practical and effective solutions whilst establishing trust and confidence in his ability to deliver even when working under extreme pressure and to the most demanding deadlines.


He specialises in the most demanding assignments, routinely tackling tasks others would not even consider. He is generally called in when there is a special problem to be resolved, often involving business critical issues, or when a safe pair of hands is needed. Typically there will be very short timescales, the outcome will have to be right first time and there will be many conflicting views and priorities to be resolved. Alfie thrives in this high-pressure, high profile environment. A keen competitive rower, skiing and mountain walker his fitness and outlook give him a boundless resilience and the ability to set the highest standards, maintain the hardest pace, and always to lead by example. A selection of appropriate assignments is described below.


He is a world-class facilitator, was one of the first worldwide to be accredited by the International Association Of Facilitators. He has facilitated hundreds of large-scale events (20 to 70 people for between one and ten days) and a myriad of smaller workshops. Extreme events have included facilitating at a town hall meeting involving nearly 5,000 people in New York to plan the redevelopment of the World Trade Centre site (one of a handful of Europeans who gave their time free for this important event), and a series of analysis workshops in the UK working 13 hours a day, every day for 32 days without a break!  
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