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Transforming The Face Of Public Consultation

Public consultation is a vital part of modern decision-making especially for major issues impacting a large number of people's lives, but it rarely, if ever, results in a true consensus.

What if there was a new way for everyone's voice to be heard - both public and officials? What if the ideas and opinions that emerged from that creative and constructive discussion could start to be refined and crystallised, there and then, in front of people's eyes into a new vision, a clearer way forward?

The result would be unparalleled - genuine public consultation - real participation, a true partnership borne from re-engaging people in practical politics. A highly effective catalyst for successful outcomes. Months of time saved over traditional approaches.

A true sense of public satisfaction that individual voices had been heard and were influencing events.

Is that possible?


With Results Forums

Everyone Agrees...

"We need to organise our services around the individual. That means listening to their views"
Tony Blair

"We believe in the independence, strength and importance of local councils. We want then to listen to their local communities."
Michael Howard

"Decision-making is always better when it takes place at the lowest possible level - the nearest possible level to the people who are affected by it."
Charles Kennedy

"Communities which are engaged in re-building their own futures are the communities where real progress is made."
Jack McConnell

It is actually Government policy!

"The Government wishes to see consultation and participation embedded into the culture"
Office Of The Deputy Prime Minister, Modern Local Government - In Touch WithThe People 1998

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