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The Results Service© - put out fires or light them!

Our Results Service is designed for major, business critical challenges where a safe pair of hands is needed. You probably have very short timescales. You must satisfy many people with conflicting views and priorities. They may be geographically dispersed and in many different organisational units. You will need the 'right' answer first time. A workable solution everyone supports. The outcome is going to be very high profile, it could make or break your organisation. Your team probably has the knowledge to achieve a solution but not the special experience or time to create it.

To see how the Results Service can help you, choose the most appropriate option on the left.

Since 1989 the largest international businesses and the smallest local organisations across the public and private sectors have trusted us with their most important and confidential business issues.

The Results Service has helped them overcome adversity and find effective, workable solutions. It will help you:

Windsor Consulting - tick compress months of otherwise diluted effort into a few days of highly intensive, focused and directed activity.
Windsor Consulting - tick engage everyone involved fully so that problems and differences are properly discussed and resolved creating a strong commitment to a shared solution. .
Windsor Consulting - tick transform how people engage in the process so they take ownership and work together to achieve a successful outcome.

It is very flexible and can be adapted to your circumstances, concerns and priorities.

Our focus is simple, to make sure your problem is fixed, extremely well and as quickly as possible.

It will be very challenging but an enjoyable experience which will exceed your expectations and motivate people for the future.

No one has more experience - hundreds of major workshops around the world since 1989 involving thousands of people. Our team is world class. We cannot be beaten for price, performance or professionalism.

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