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How A Results Forum Works

A Results Forum brings together a large number of people and engages them with organisers for a focused discussion about a major issue affecting them.

But unlike normal meetings where the most vociferous voices tend to dominate, every single opinion can be heard. Results Forums enable attendees to have their say and formulate a consensus on their overall desires, concerns and priorities. Every input is captured so even minority views can be included.

Results are achieved through discussions led by an impartial central facilitator. Using a well-planned agenda, participants' views and reactions to presentations are captured on computers so we can identify group views and trends, and quickly share them with the audience over large cinema style screens.

Each table of 10 or so people has its own networked computer which means virtually any number of people from 50 to more than 5,000 can take part in a Results Forum at one time.

People are able to vote on specific questions using wireless keypads, enabling quick resolutions. A unifying direction for planning and decision-making can be reached in a single session.

We take full responsibility for the whole event from developing the agenda to organising the right venue, ensuring attendance accurately represents local demographics and providing all the supporting technology.

Results Forums lead to solutions that are broadly popular and that have the commitment necssary to make them work.

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