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The core of the Results Service is built around a facilitated workshop approach which has been evolving and improving since 1989. Results Workshopsİ are successful because they are highly participative events, where those affected really are in the driving seat but with our independent facilitator guiding progress.

We ensure everyone can present and discuss their own needs, understand the views of others, resolve problems and agree the best way forward together. This helps achieve what we call the 12Cs:

Windsor Consulting - tick A Complete, Correct and Consistent statement of what is required that takes account of everyone's needs and priorities
Windsor Consulting - tick A willingness to Compromise based on objective arguments and evidence.
Windsor Consulting - tick Consensus on the best way forward for the whole organisation and Confidence to proceed on the outcome.
Windsor Consulting - tick A strong team Commitment to seeing the agreed proposals through to a successful conclusion.
Windsor Consulting - tick Improved Collaboration and Communication between the delegates and their respective parts of the organisation which has considerable benefits for the rest of their work.
Windsor Consulting - tick Agreeing the appropriate level of Control to get the job done.
Windsor Consulting - tick Creating a Catalyst for speedy and effective change in procedures and relationships.
Windsor Consulting - tick Finally, we Challenge your team to approach the rest of their day to day work in a more dynamic and flexible way.

So that we can discuss and resolve everything on the spot all those affected should be represented including senior and junior staff, head office and regional locations, office, technical and production functions.

The duration, location and number of attendees are determined by the scale of the issues to be addressed and your preferences. We specialise in very intensive residential workshops lasting a few days but some organisations prefer a series of shorter on-site workshops spread over a longer period. Our approach is very flexible and we have run successful workshops lasting from half a day to a series spread over several weeks, at in-house and residential venues, typically involving from 7 to 70 people.

No challenge is too great. Our longest stint was working 13 hours a day, every day for 32 days without a break! Our largest involvement was nearly 5000 people for a day!

We provide a small team to organise and run the event. They literally work around the clock so that each attendee leaves with a full copy of the workshop report.

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