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If you want to develop your own facilitators we can help.

Facilitator Training. Our five-day course develops the skills individuals need to start off as facilitators. It covers the concepts of and approaches to different types of facilitation and workshops, develops a range of individual skills, considers how to deal with the many inter-personal challenges that will be encountered and teaches a number of techniques that can be used in most situations. It explores all aspects of the planning and delivery of successful workshops. It can be delivered as one full week or split into modules over several weeks.

Basic Facilitation Skills. Many individuals do not need to become facilitators but would like to develop the basic skills so they can be more effective in their day to day work, especially meetings, negotiations and inter-personal activities. This two-day module meets those needs.

We use a mix of tutorials and discussions but include a lot of practical work and one on one mentoring. General themes are presented and explored in the context of your situation, projects, methods, standards, organisation and style. There is a strong focus on practical exercises to allow individuals to practice lessons learnt.

Time is devoted on both courses to personal assessments so each attendee can understand their capabilities and develop a schedule for personal improvement. We recommend mentoring support for individuals as they work through their first workshops after the course.

Introducing A Facilitation Service

There is more to facilitation than just training up some individuals.

Our programme helps you to define and implement all aspects of an in-house facilitation service.

Topics include: needs/opportunity assessment, facilitator selection and development, publicising capabilities, introducing facilitated workshops in your organisation, organisation and management, facilitator certification, quality, performance monitoring, resource planning and building a library of methods and techniques.

We guide you through the whole process from developing ideas, preparation of a comprehensive project plan through to full implementation of the service.

Selecting Facilitators - Horses For Courses

Most people can develop basic facilitation skills for use in routine daily work but if you want individuals who can handle more challenging situation, or larger groups then you need to select them with care. We can help. We know what to look for and how to test potential.

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